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Blackfield Gym (BFG) was established in 2017 with the intention of building a friendly environment for effective training.

We consider our strengths to be our unique atmosphere and open, energetic spaces that will recharge your body and mind. At the same time, we listen to our customers' requests and continuously improve our quality so that you can look forward to every visit.

That's why we've expanded the space several times since we started, and it currently includes a gym packed with machines, a multi-function room for bodyweight training and a new weightlifting room. The training possibilities are immeasurable. The gym is perfect for beginners, but also for building muscles or performing high-intensity exercises.


Don't know where to start? Do you want to step up your performance or just get back in shape? Our experienced trainers will help you feel at home in the gym and get to the next level.


All kinds of popular pre-wourkout, a range of proteins, sports nutrition supplements, protein-packed treats, sports drinks... all that and and much more can be found at our bar. So come and recharge!


Whether you're lifting weights, cycling or learning to do handstands, you'll always find an encouraging attitude and plenty of motivational energy in every situation.


Don't be afraid to push your boundaries.At Blackfiled Gym you'll enjoy an unrestricted workout. Load up as much as you can carry, push yourself and prove to yourself that you've got it!

Everything for a proper workout!

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150 ,- afternoons
130 ,- until 1 PM
130 ,- students

Student Passes

1.000 ,- monthly until 1 PM
1.250 ,- monthly
2.800 ,- 3-month until 1PM
3.400 ,- 3-month
5.300 ,- 6-month until 1PM
6.400 ,- 6-month
11.500 ,- yearly (12 months)

With whom can you train?

Meet our personal trainers

Don't know where to start? Or do you just want to get back in shape? Do you want to improve your performance? Our professional personal trainers will get you motivated and help you reach your goals.

Choose, fill out the form and you're halfway to your dream goal. Plus, we guarantee a free first consultation!

Marcela Neuwirth

Functional training, nutrition, weight reduction, sport psychology and mentoring | CZ/EN

My name is Marcy. I’ve been doing sports since I was very young and at 16 I decided to go in the direction of fitness and female bodybuilding.

As part of my studies and also my sports career, I am focusing on the philosophy of nutritional and sport psychology. In my opinion, mental health is very closely linked to movement and nutrition.

I am open to working with anyone who is willing to work on themselves and face things head on.

Alex Nesterová

Functional training, weight reduction | CZ/EN

Hi there, are you new to fitness or have you had a long break and don’t know where to start? I’m here for you.

Diagnosis, setting workout goals, a healthy and safe approach to exercise, and most importantly, a friendly atmosphere – these are the things I want to give my clients. I have experience in group and individual training at various ages and health levels. I know how to do it, and I’d love to teach you too!

Я також розмовляю українською мовою!

Filip Horák

Strength and conditioning training, recovery from injury, pain relief | CZ/EN

Hey! My name is Filip and I’ve been living an active lifestyle since I was a kid. Since 2018 I have been doing personal training for the general population and training children.

After completing my Master’s degree at the Faculty of Sports Studies in Brno, I also work with professional athletes. I help people to get stronger, more mobile and healthier body, while taking high priority on individual approach and direct dealing.

BFG is not responsible for the trainers. | The conditions and prices of training sessions are determined by the trainers individually.

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The prices of personal trainings are individual and range from 400,- to 600,- depending on the length and scope of cooperation.

    Vyber svého trenéra:

    Sports and recovery massages


    Regenerate your body! I can help with acute and chronic pain in the back and neck, hips, legs... I approach each client individually, listen to their concerns and constructively solve their muscle blocks and pain.

    My knowledge is not only related to massages. At the same time, I teach and practice the martial art of Kombatan. So I have an overview of the functioning of muscles and the body in action and I will be happy to help you with proper regeneration and improvement of mobility.

    • The price for one massage is CZK 800
    • You can buy a permanent card valid for one year for 10 massages for CZK 6,500
    Contact the masseur Dan Kroupa directly and make an appointment together
    on the phone number 777 947 857

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    Brno – Černá Pole

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    Sat - Sun: 8:00 - 20:00

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